Conception: Boris Charmatz

The idea for Statuts arose during rehearsals for Programme court avec essorage created by Gilles Touyard. This installation-performance had all the traits of a confrontation between the body and the machine; however, it involved above all a visual artist’s “gesture” of placing bodies on a pedestal even while toppling them. To take this conception even further in the company of other artists, including those whom we can no longer meet in person, I felt like creating a context that would allow us to pursue the examination of the status conferred by our artistic practice on the body and on presence.

As the audience gradually makes their way among the visual and performative pieces, we evoke different works that stage a possible crumbling of the status of the body. The “presentation” goes through a series of stages: from the whole body (embodied, fully there, living and breathing) to the body revealed only through the light it absorbs; from the body peddled by our perceptual devices to the absent or hypothetical body problematized by certain visual works of art. Each stage proposes a new path of destabilization while showing at the same level experiences that normally call for specific modes of presentation: performance acts are shown on equal terms with physical objects.

Boris Charmatz

Interprétation :

Readings (Hollis Frampton, François Dagognet, Jean-François Pirson): Vincent Dupont
Performance: Roman Signer
Installation-performance: Programme court avec essorage / Gilles Touyard, Julia Cima, Boris Charmatz
Narcisse Flip – Loop: Xavier le Roy en collaboration avec Tino Sehgal
Silkscreen paintings: Jean-Luc Moulène
Installations: Sylvia Bossu, Bertrand Lamarche, Superamas

Production: Association Edna

Created at la ferme du buisson on March 2 and 3, 2001.

  • Statuts
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