La Ruée

La Ruée is a collective improvisation that takes over theater spaces. Boris Charmatz envisions historical, dancing, shouting, staggering chaos: a rush.

The artists invited for the occasion embody and vocalize, as fast as they can, the book Histoire Mondiale de la France edited by Patrick Boucheron. In a headlong rush of movement and text, they run from gesture to thought, from history to the moment of dance.

The result is the restless presentation of a book that covers the “entire” history of France, from prehistory through 2015. This is an invitation to dive into the “big” history, the history of a country whose definition keeps eluding our grasp. A history of what is permeable, uncertain, ever-shifting, of what is constantly being redefined. Isn’t this what art is all about: a tribute to the multiple, complex, and elusive part of that which we are nevertheless made of?

Histoire Mondiale de la France is a multicontributor volume edited by Patrick Boucheron. It’s a history of France that runs from the Chauvet Cave all the way to the events 2015.

Reconciling a critical approach with a riveting narrative, the book calls on a group of historians determined to make committed scholarly discourse accessible to the general reader. The stakes are clear: to take stock of a global history of France. The book thus aims to tell anew, yet with no counternarrative, the same old story, revisiting all the places of memory woven into the national narrative, however displacing, reorienting, and expanding it. In other words, it makes history more interesting!
This book is joyously polyphonic. It is our hope that a smattering of this joy will help to stave off the present anguish.

3 hours

Interprétation :

A group of artists is formed at each new edition of this project

La Ruée
Light installation : « Douce France » by Yves Godin
General stage manager : François Aubry
Director of productions : Martina Hochmuth, Hélène Joly
Production managers : Florentine Busson, Briac Geffrault
Production and distribution Terrain

A production by the Musée de la danse / Centre chorégraphique national de Rennes et de Bretagne (2018)
The first edition of La Ruée was produced by the Musée de la danse and the Théâtre National de Bretagne in Rennes the 28 November 2018.

Histoire Mondiale de la France
Collective work, Éditions du Seuil,
Collection " Sciences humaines ", 2017, 800 pages
Director: Patrick Boucheron, Professor at Collège de France
Coordination: Nicolas Delalande, associate professor at Centre d’histoire de Sciences Po; Florian Mazel, professor at the universitý Rennes 2; Yann Potin, documentary studies officer at National Archives; Pierre Singaravélou, professor at the university Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne