impromptus 2022 Paris/Lisbonne/Graz
conception : Boris Charmatz

Three residencies in three European cities for three choreographic impromptus: in 2022, as the singular and unprecedented prelude to a forthcoming creation, Boris Charmatz and Terrain are conducting research and a series of experiments.

These impromptus are based on the notion of église (“church”), and its Greek etymology ekklêsia, which literally translates as “assembly.” The idea of gathering contained in the word, whether gathering within the walls of a religious building or in the open air, informs this project, along with the desire to make two leading instruments resonate: the organ and the bells.

In June, at the Église du Saint-Esprit in Paris, Boris Charmatz, with eleven dancers, lays the groundwork for the choreographic principles and materials to be explored over the course of the year and open the first rehearsals to the public.

This session is organized in partnership with Lafayette Anticipations, as part of its Atelier en residence programme, which every year invites an artist to share his or her creative process with the public.

In June, at the invitation of Culturgest, Boris Charmatz takes over the Alameda Dom Afonso Henriques garden, with a group of fifteen dancers which includes some of the choreographer’s regular performers as well as dancers living in Portugal.

Terrain Lisboa, taking place outdoor, in the very heart of the city, and open to all, combines group warm-ups, workshops, nightly rehearsals, and performance.

In September, Boris Charmatz concludes this sequence of choreographic research by composing, for the opening of the steirischer herbst festival in Graz, the impromptu Noli me tangere: A Happening for Herz Jesu, an experience which will lead the spectators from the outside piazza to the nave of the church.

impromptu Paris
13 - 17 June - Église du Saint-Esprit
with Lafayette Anticipations
- Collective warm-up with the dancers in the Church Crypt :
13, 14, 15 June from 2pm to 3pm
- Open rehearsals in the church:
from 13 to 16 June, from 8pm to 10pm
- Public performance : 17 June at 8.30pm
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[terrain] Lisboa
23 June - 2 July - Alameda Dom Afonso Henriques, Lisbonne
with Culturgest
In public from 23 June to 1st July :
- 6pm-7pm : public warm-up with the dancers
- 7pm-11pm : public repetitions
Saturday 2 Julyat 7pm: public warm-ump followed by the performance
Workshops :
- 25 June from 10am to 12am : workshop for all
- from 27 June to 1st July : workshops for dance students and professionals
Meeting :
25 June at 5pm : with Boris Charmatz and Mark Deputter

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Noli me tangere. A Happening for Herz Jesu
24 & 25 septembre - Herz Jesu, Graz
with Steirischer Herbst
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Interprétation :

in Paris : Laura Bachman, Régis Badel, Guilhem Chatir, Ashley Chen, Tatiana Julien, Georges Labbat, Noémie Langevin, Simon Le Borgne, Johanna Elisa Lemke, Solène Wachter
Orgue : Hampus Lindwall
in Lisboa : Laura Bachman, Régis Badel, Ashley Chen, Sofia Dias, Angela Diaz Quintela, João dos Santos Martins, Henrique Furtado, Tatiana Julien, Georges Labbat, Johanna Elisa Lemke, Anaísa Lopes aka Piny, Vítor Roriz, Lewis Seivwright, Bruno Senune, Solène Wachter
in Graz : Laura Bachman, Régis Badel, Guilhem Chatir, Tatiana Julien, Georges Labbat, Noémie Langevin, Johanna Elisa Lemke, Bruno Senune, Solène Wachter

Orgue : Hampus Lindwall

Choreographic assistant : Magali Caillet Gajan
lights : Yves Godin
sound : Olivier Renouf
dresser : Florence Samain
vocal work : Dalila Kathir
General stage manager : François Aubry dit Moustache
light manager : Fabrice Le Fur
sound manager : Périg Menez
Deputy director Terrain : Hélène Joly
Directors of productions : Lucas Chardon, Martina Hochmuth
Production managers : Jessica Crasnier, Briac Geffrault

impromptu Paris
production : Terrain
coproduction : avec le soutien de Lafayette Anticipations, dans le cadre de l’Atelier en résidence

Terrain Lisboa
production : Culturgest – Fundação Caixa Geral de Depósitos et Terrain
Un événement organisé dans le cadre de la saison France-Portugal 2022.
co-financé par le projet Create To Connect - Create To Impact du programme Europe Créative de l’Union Europénne

Noli me tangere. A Happening for Herz Jesu
une commande de steirischer herbst
production : steirischer herbst and Terrain

image : Hommes sonnant les cloches de l’église de Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer, 1931