Authors: Boris Charmatz and Isabelle Launay

On a Contemporary Dance

“The goal is to talk about anything and everything rather than nothing. Everything that constitutes today, through our points of view, the work of contemporary dance. In short, a book that would bear witness to questions that arise in our own context; a book that unwittingly and deliberately stems from a certain urgency to talk and reflect collectively; a sort of document or documentary. Historical and theoretical analyses will come later. These remarks are made ‘under’ contemporary dance, because discourse cannot influence the act of dancing, which it nevertheless underlies and informs.”
This is how Boris Charmatz and Isabelle Launay defined this singular work which took shape in the course of interviews they conducted with each other. These texts were arranged based on extracts from the flow of their conversations and enhanced with photographs and documents. They retrace the itinerary of a dancer and choreographer, how it intersects with others, and offer a unique testimony of the issues that today form the core of a portion of choreographic activity."

Published in June 2011

Centre national de la danse
Publication direction: Claire Rousier
Editorial follow-up: Mathilde Puech
Correction: Emmanuelle Savy, Marion Bastien
Illustrations: Nathalie L’Hopitault
Conception and graphic design: Agnès Dahan

Association edna:
Follow-up, coordination, re-reading, illustrations:
Amélie Couillaud et Angèle Le Grand

Les Presses du Réel:
Direction of the collection « Nouvelles Scènes »: Sophie Claudel
Translated from the French by Anna Preger (original title: Entretenir – A propos d’une danse contemporaine, Les presses du réel, 2003).
12,5 x 16 cm
272 pages
ISBN : 978-2-84066-439-0
EAN : 9782840664390

Undertraining is published in english by Les presses du réel.