« I want to create a choreographic green space. A dance terrain. A human architecture project, where moving bodies form the visible, mobile architecture of a new institution.

The modern city faces multiple challenges in terms of climate, society, urban planning and aesthetics. [terrain] is investing in human actions, movements and ephemeral gestures. [terrain] is intended to be a gestural institution, an institution that runs on movement. A “dance ground”.
You have to imagine a sort of national centre for choreography that is wall-less, green, open and experimental. The public and artists appear in the cold, the wind, the rain, the sun and are exposed to the city air. They integrate the movements of passers-by. Of users. Of plants and of all the non-human movements that occupy outdoor space.

Minimal area: half a hectare
Ideal area: one hectare and much more
Location: at, in and with Paris

This project will grow without walls, a green public space embedded in the city, with an art that is shaped expressly for and by this radical work context. The initial gesture is both ancestral and modern.
Dance will be performed under the open sky like a democratic, secular ritual, but will also reflect the Anthropocene era, feminism, social networks and digitalization. The multiplicity and aesthetic diversity of the actions flow into the place identity, enabling an obvious synergy: diversity shapes the distinctiveness of the place, which is itself created by the movements of the different actors.

[terrain] is being shaped through invitations in Zurich Pantin, Lisbonne, Graz, Chabaud-Latour, Lens… It is a place for theoretical and practical research, involving dancers, urban planners, architects, landscapers and naturally people – lots of people.

[terrain] is by definition a local project, born of a particular context. But its DNA is the product of choreographic nomadism, and its progress will be supported and shaped by various extensions, relocations, and European and international events.

[terrain] will generate a high level of activity. The abundance of activity will fuel this hotbed of art. »

Boris Charmatz, notes of intent, 2019