Programme court avec essorage

date de creation: 

conception: Gilles Touyard
in collaboration with Julia Cima and Boris Charmatz
with: Julia Cima or Eric Martin, Boris Charmatz

« According to me the whirling dervish is one of the most emblematic figures of dance: one of the first reflexes of a dancer consists of working from rotation, whether it's the circle, or points... The mechanism that I am creating generates this movement and in a certain manner, generates the forbidden: the action places the performer in a position of off balance and constrains the body to position itself differently. Suddenly, immobility and sobriety are generated by this resistance to movement.
In this position the dancers' bodies truly react to space and constraint. Their knowledge and their years of technical apprenticeship become obsolete, they are restored to the original balance of equilibrium, to the irrepressible will to express themselves at whatever cost through their body. Leaving only the essence of dance. »

Gilles Touyard

technical director: Gilles Touyard
production edna; Musée de la danse/CCNRB
coproduction: Le Quartz - Centre National Dramatique et Chorégraphique de Brest, Théâtre National de Bretagne - Rennes.
Programme court avec essorage premiered at Le Quartz Centre National Dramatique et Chorégraphique de Brest on March the 20th, 1999