Levée des conflits (Suspension of conflicts)

Performance for 24 dancers
date de creation: 

Choreography: Boris Charmatz
Assisted by Anne-Karine Lescop

Interpretation: Or Avishay, Eleanor Bauer, Nuno Bizarro, Matthieu Burner, Magali Caillet-Gajan, Sonia Darbois, Olga Dukhovnaya, Olivia Grandville, Gaspard Guilbert, Taoufiq Izeddiou, Lénio Kaklea, Jurij Konjar, Élise Ladoué, Catherine Legrand, Maud Le Pladec, Naiara Mendioroz, Thierry Micouin, Andreas Albert Müller, Mani A. Mungai, Élise Olhandéguy, Felix Ott, Annabelle Pulcini, Fabrice Ramalingom, Nabil Yahia-Aïssa

After 50 ans de danse – a hybrid work, somewhere between an alphabet book of forms by Merce Cunningham and a kaleidoscope of recovered gestures – Boris Charmatz proposes a new borderline choreographic object: a perceptive hologram for 24 dancers and 25 movements. Levée – like a raising of time, of the tension of meaning, of the rules that organize perception: a blurring of the way one looks at the circulation, the passing, the appropriation of the gestures that drift among a group. In a hypnotic round, a mosaic of simultaneous actions sliding from body to body, the dancers try to produce a mirage: a subliminal impression emerging from a continuous series of states. It builds itself up, becomes undone, comes together again, condenses, accumulates, forms a nucleus, lines, folds — a living matter, solitary and collective, where each dancer is “mobile within the mobile element”.
But how does it work? How does it evolve without imploding? Moved by a void, animated by the lag between the number of actions and that of dancers, the layout generates itself on its own — giving the impression of a permanent dissolve. Exposed to duration, ceaselessly building itself up and dissolving, this variable-geometry structure summons up a floating attention: vocal ensemble to be contemplated in one look, and choreography composed with a multitude of interlocked, swivelling, repeated events; dance which simply takes place, and complex game of mechanics, in constant oscillation. With Levée des conflits, Boris Charmatz invents a “dance hole” that absorbs the gaze. A palindrome-dance, to be read in all directions. A choreographic canon, looking for the image of an utopia.
Gilles Amalvi

interview with Boris Charmatz by Gilles Amalvi

Light: Yves Godin 
Sound direction: Olivier Renouf 
Orchestration software: Luccio Stiz 
Music: Henry Cowell, Colon Nancarrow, Helmut Lachenmann, Morton Feldman 
Mass of excerpts: David Banner, Médéric Collignon Jus de bosce, Miles Davis, Daniel Johnston, Electric Masada, Angus McColl, RZA, Terror squad, Saul Williams, Zeitkratzer 
Stage manager: Audrey Castelain 
Clothes in collaboration with: Laure Fonvieille 
Thanks to Marlène Monteiro-Freitas, Dominique Jégou, Katja Fleig, Margot Joncheray, Carlos Maria Romero, the students of the Inter-University Center for Dance HZT (Berlin, year 2010), the residents of the Pavillon, laboratoire de création du Palais de Tokyo, and all those who took part in the different stages of research. 
With a special thought for Vincent Druguet and Odile Duboc.

Running time: 1h40 approx.
Production: Musée de la danse / CCNRB
Coproduction: Théâtre National de Bretagne-Rennes, Théâtre de la Ville-Paris/ Festival d’Automne-Paris, Manifesta 8 (Murcia, Cartagena –Spain), and ERSTE Foundation
With the support of Teatro Maria Matos/Lisbonne, Chassé Theater/Breda, Kunstenfestivaldesarts/Bruxelles
This project is supported by Institut français/Ville de Rennes