date de creation: 

dance: Boris Charmatz
pocket trumpet, voice: Médéric Collignon

Boris Charmatz is to Médéric Collignon what dance is to music. No, that’s not it. Médéric Collignon is to dance what Boris Charmatz is to… no, that’s not it either. Let’s start all over again. Boris Collignon… Well, something like that…

Both of them have a lot in common indeed : technical mastery, a devastating sense of derision and self-derision, a salutary lack of disciplin, a congenital claustrophobia that sends them rolling far awayfrom the clichés of their art… A skin-deep crack, which they protect themselves from by exposure : maximum risk, tightrope walk with no safety net. Machine-bodies, organic bodies, disobedient bodies : this is what they had to offer us tonight. To keep oneself to one’s own sphere is ruled out : they are together and it is together that they have fun, hurt each other, make us and make themselves laugh and grind our teeth. Electronics, the pocket cornet, — […] —, the voice improvised, sung, vocalized, scatted or spoken as an automatic writing, they tackle everything, from parodical pas de deux to Truffaz-style reggae, from human beatbox to convulsive reptations.

A big piece of physical and artistic commitment, an hour of symbiosis between two artists. (…)

Diane Gastelu, Citizen Jazz

production: Musée de la danse