creation for the Cour d'honneur of the Popes Palace
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Choreography: Boris Charmatz
Interpretation: Eleanor Bauer, Nuno Bizarro, Matthieu Burner, Olga Dukhovnaya, Julien Gallée-Ferré, Lénio Kaklea, Maud Le Pladec, Thierry Micouin, Mani A. Mungai and a group of children from Rennes

In his foreword to L'Inhumain, Jean-François Lyotard wrote:
« Shorn of speech, incapable of standing upright, hesitating over the objects of its interest, not able to calculate its advantages, not sensitive to common reason, the child is eminently the human because its distress heralds and promises things possible. Its initial delay in humanity, which makes it the hostage of the adult community, is also what manifests to this community the lack of humanity it is suffering from and which calls on it to become more human. »

Adept of crossings, of mutating revivals, Boris Charmatz manipulates the choreographic material in order to reveal its underlying paradoxes, to displace the certainties of the gaze. Dance from photographs, dance-sculpture, dance hole - each of his projects attempts a bringing together of plastic forms and body movements. After Levée des conflits, spiral of silhouettes caught in an endless circulation, his new creation submits the multitude to another question: how to produce frictions, physical events without using muscular energy? Continuing the research initiated with régi about the machines, he proposes a choreography for inert bodies - a transit area crossed by a disturbing element called child (enfant).

child, like a malleable, fragile and uncontrolled material. A charge of reality upsetting the balance of the scene. Carried, laid down, manipulated by the dancers, the children's bodies invade the space, broaden it, sculpt it. From their relationships grows a game of tension and relaxation that mixes vis inertiae and transformation process. A strange numb ballet unfolds, where small islands appear, mobile gatherings; from where unstable encounters emerge, hybrid morphologies - images suspended between the rest, the dream and the round... Progressively, the relations become reversed, the border between the big ones and the small ones, the professionals and the amateurs, the living and the dead becomes undone, leaving room for a mass to be, an impetuous cloud carrying everything away: invasion or recreation - which gives back to the children their role of aethetic and political unknown quantity inside the show's equation.

Gilles Amalvi


Children (at the Festival d'Avignon): Perle Béchu-Quaiser, Eliott Bourseau, Théotim Bourseau, Léon Cassin, Lisa Cazoulat, Rémi Cazoulat, Abel Charmatz, Marguerite Chassé, Tikal Contant-Ricard, Noé Couderc, Zaccharie Dor, Elio Fouilleul, Mathieu Guidoni, Cédric Lamotte-Lenoir, Sasha Goasduff-Langlois, Salomé Lebreton, Emma Lecoq-Vinagre, Youenn Louédec, Joseph Michard, Louane Mogis, Lou-Andréa Paulet, Emma Perreau, Raphaëlle Piechaczyk, Adèle Richard, Mathilde Richard, Hypolite Tanguy
Light: Yves Godin
Sound: Olivier Renouf
Machines: Artefact, Frédéric Vannieuwenhuyse
Bagpipe: Erwan Keravec
Assistant: Julien Jeanne
Costumes: Laure Fonvieille
Voice work: Dalila Khatir
Orchestration software: Luccio Stiz
General stage manager: Alexandre Diaz
Sound technician: Antoine Guilloux
Stage manager: Max Potiron
Estimated time: 1h20

Production : Musée de la danse / CCNRB
Coproduction : Festival d'Avignon, Théâtre de la Ville-Paris, Festival d'Automne à Paris, Internationales Sommerfestival Hamburg and Siemens Stiftung in the frame of SCHAUPLÄTZE, Théâtre National de Bretagne (Rennes), La Bâtie-Festival de Genève, Kunstenfestivaldesarts (Brussels)
With the exceptional suppport of the Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication, le Conseil régional de Bretagne, la Ville de Rennes and Rennes Métropole.
This project receives the support of the Institut français / Ville de Rennes for the international tour.
Thanks to: Or Avishay, Pierre Mathiaut, Julia Cima, Raimund Hogue.