Fabrice Ramalingom

Dancer, choreographer and pedagogue Fabrice Ramalingom is first trained at the CNDC d'Angers (1986/88). He works with Dominique Bagouet, Trisha Brown, Hervé Robbe and takes part in Yvonne Rainer CPAD reconstituted by the Quatuor Knust. More recently he performs for Anne Collod/Anna Halprin and Benoît Lachambre. Founding member of the Carnets Bagouet (1993), he teaches in various organizations such as the CNDC d'Angers, or ex.e.r.ce of the CCN in Montpellier, where he acts as artistic advisor. With Hélène Cathala he creates the company La Camionetta (1993-2006), then creates R.A.M.a. He practices choreography since Comment se ment (2007), Postural : études (2007), Vancouver Versus Vancouver (2008), Fiction in Between co-directed with Saskia Hölbling (2008), Interstice (2009), Pandora Box/Body (2010). With Boris Charmatz, he interprets Aatt enen tionon and Quintette Cercle.

Artist's website: www.rama.asso.fr